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The future looks good.

Prototyping: 3 Wheeled Scooter

It started in the heart and mind of an inventor with MS, and now it's on its third prototype (being tested in Portland right now). See our video about this revolutionary three wheeled utility scooter.

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Concept: the Beluga E

Vvolt has partnered with different institutions to bring tangible programs and ideas to life. Like 'Beluga', the car-replacing utility tricycle, with forward-thinking students of the University of Oregon.

Read more about Beluga.

Pre-production: PIE Longtail

Announced as part of our 3 vehicle Utility Series, PIE is our unique, multi-rider supporting, "bring anything with you anywhere" ebike. PIE's release is planned for 2024. You can reserve yours now.

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But the present is pretty great.

Customers seem to dig what we're doing.

Through our customer centric approach, from product design to live support, we're already a brand customers love. It's so much more than electrifying bikes and scooters: it's about understanding and improving how real people move through their world.

Press digs it, too.

The reviews are in, and they’re consistent. Trusted publications in the ebike niche and beyond have recommended Vvolt’s initial line of ebikes because of their incredible value and ease of use. They get it.

You invest in what matters. So do we.